The Creamy, Cheesy Addition You Should Try On Avocado Toast

Many would argue that avocado on toast with nothing but a bit of salt is tasty enough as it is, but people still continue to find new and creative ways to enjoy it. Thanks to its fresh and earthy flavor, avocado pairs well with many sweet and savory foods. It's fairly common to add crushed red pepper and fresh herbs to avocado toast for a boost of flavor, and as The Devil Wears Salad shares, avocado also goes naturally with fruits like strawberries and mangoes, and spices like nutmeg, coriander, dill, and mint. The smooth, buttery texture benefits from mix-ins like hummus, which make it even creamier, pickled onions for added crunch, and grated hard-boiled grated eggs that create a satisfying, fluffy layer on top.

You'll find plenty more avocado toast inspiration on TikTok, including a recipe that has been dubbed "Green Goddess toast." According to Better Homes & Gardens, this avocado toast hack is inspired by the popular Trader Joe's Green Goddess dressing — and made with cheese.

Try cottage cheese on your avocado toast

If the creaminess of avocado is your favorite part about avocado toast, you'll definitely want to try adding cottage cheese the next time you make it. As TikTok creator Samar Kullab, who goes by @chicago.dietitian, shared in a video, to make Green Goddess toast, you simply need half an avocado and about a cup of cottage cheese. Blend the two together, and once smooth, put it on your toast for a filling breakfast. The added cottage cheese turns the avocado into a rich spread with a lightly cheesy flavor profile that makes for a protein packed breakfast.

Other TikTokers have tried the ingredients without blending them together, leaving the cottage cheese whole then topping with sliced avocados. One TikTok user even whipped the cottage cheese and added blueberries and honey. 

Hurry the Food Up also shared a recipe for avocado toast with cottage cheese, advising readers to use 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese with a half of a medium avocado and 1 teaspoon of lemon.