Use This Ingredient To Make Extra Creamy Avocado Toast

We get it: Avocado isn't going anywhere. This nutrient-rich fruit has become a millennial mainstay, yielding creative toast trends, TikTok fads, and pit removal hacks. Each is guaranteed to make your next avocado endeavor a lot more seamless. 

Yet look beyond the plate, and you'll notice the fruit's ever-increasing popularity across the United States. According to a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, America's avocado affinity has steadily risen over the last 20 years. Between 2000 and 2021, the American per capita consumption of avocados tripled, rounding off at roughly 8 pounds per person.

While avocados vary in size and weight, 8 pounds surely requires more than a few slices of bread — and even more recipe variations. For a funkier take on standard toast, try a topping of red pickled onion over a runny egg and avocado base. Meanwhile, avocado with salsa makes for a chips-and-dip inspired breakfast, sure to satisfy your spiciest of cravings.

Yet for those mornings you want to keep flavors simple, boost your avocado's texture instead. The addition of one simple ingredient will make your avocado toast all the creamier — no butter necessary.

Hummus complements avocado flavor and texture

Hummus, when made right, is perfectly creamy ... and a fail-safe solution to creating a silky-smooth spread. As a popular Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dip, a classic hummus recipe calls for a blended chickpea base, along with olive oil, tahini, garlic, and lemon. From there, there are numerous variations and ingredients you can add. When it comes to avocado toast, however, there's no need to make your hummus from scratch. According to Serious Eats, store-bought hummus can even be creamier than the homemade version.

Whether homemade or store-bought, to prepare your avocado-hummus toast, HuffPost recommends spreading a base layer of hummus over your choice of bread, then adding avocado slices for optimal texture. If you'd rather mix the two directly together, Food52 suggests making a cohesive dip. Blend an entire avocado into any hummus base, and opt for a sprinkle of cumin, cayenne pepper, and herbs. Not only does this recipe make for a creamy, spreadable dip, but it also guarantees a fun color. Muted green never looked so good.