Molly Yeh's Tip For Ensuring A Fully Dried Cast Iron Skillet - Exclusive

Molly Yeh of "Girl Meets Farm" has foolproof advice for anyone looking to venture into the world of cast iron cookware. "Marry someone who will take care of your cast iron pans for you!" she joked to Tasting Table in an exclusive interview. If that ship has sailed — or if it's never going to make it out of the harbor — embarking on your cast iron journey may seem like an odyssey bound for the shores of rust, black residue, and stubbornly stuck foods. 

That doesn't stop Yeh from coveting cast iron, which is her weapon of choice for some of her favorite dishes — for example, a deep dish pizza. Making a deep dish delight in cast iron, she told us, "will help prevent that sogginess."

In Yeh's newly released cookbook, "Home Is Where The Eggs Are," she extols the virtues of the cookware for its versatility, durability, and ability to take extreme heat. As Yeh is almost definitely the designated cast iron cookware carer in her relationship, she has perfected a technique to ensure that her skillets are always fully dry and rust-free.

Molly Yeh told us how to properly dry cast iron

You don't need to be the Food Network's next big discovery to wash cast iron well. The New York Times' extensive investigation into the art of cast iron cookware care found you can get most jobs done with dish soap (preferably sans harsh chemicals) and a non-abrasive sponge.

While washing may be common sense, the true trick to keeping your cast iron cookware healthy, revealed Molly Yeh, is ensuring that it dries thoroughly. "Always make sure to dry [cast iron pots, pans, and skillets] really well after washing," Yeh advised Tasting Table. "I do this by drying with a towel and then heating them on the stove to make sure they're extra dry — and then coat them with a little oil."

You can put your cast iron cookware to good use with Molly Yeh's new cookbook. Be sure to follow Yeh on Instagram for recipe inspiration and life updates, or catch up with her family on Food Network's "Girl Meets Farm."