Molly Yeh's Essential Kitchen Tools

The newly minted cookbook author shares her 9 kitchen essentials

1Baking Steel

When Yeh left life in NYC and moved to a farm in Minnesota, she was worried about leaving one thing behind: New York-style pizza. "Luckily, a baking steel ($89) paired with Jim Lahey's no-knead pizza dough has made New York-quality pizza pretty much attainable in the middle of nowhere," she explains.

3Staub Cast Iron Mini Round Cocotte

Staub's products are workhorses in the kitchen and beautiful serving dishes ($75). "They make a tater tot hot dish look sharp, handsome and fit for a party," Yeh says.

2GIR Airtight Silicone Lids

Yeh's husband, Eggboy, as he's called, has a "habit of eating half a bowl of beans, sticking the rest uncovered in the fridge for me to find and spill everywhere," she says. These reusable lids ($33) keep leftovers in their place.

4Polder Old World Market Utensils

The Polder family makes wooden utensils (starting at $45) by hand in their Tennessee home. "They look great in a crock by the stove and feel great in my hand," she says. 

5Vermont Farm Table Quick Stick

"This rolling pin ($18) is so sturdy and good lookin'," Yeh says. Plus: "It makes me feel safe, almost as if I'd be able to fend off a bear if [one] wandered onto the farm."

6Ateco Revolving Cake Stand

"A perfect day for me is one spent decorating a layer cake," Yeh says. The ones in her new book, Molly on the Range, look like the cakes we always dreamed someone would make for our birthdays. Think chocolate cake with halvah filling, tahini frosting and "a crap ton" of sprinkles or cardamom coffee with bulletproof frosting. Looking to make one of them at home? This sturdy cake wheel ($48) is your secret weapon.

7India Tree Nature's Colors Sprinkles

When Yeh isn't making her own homemade sprinkles, she likes to reach for a jar of these ($8), because, as she says, "Not many baked goods make it out of my kitchen without a little sprinkle." (We can't argue with that.) "I love that they're naturally colored and not too bright," she adds.

8Fringe and Fettle Mini Nesting Bowls

Like your cast iron, ceramic mixing bowls do double duty in the kitchen and on the table. These ($60) are Yeh's favorite, and are made in her new home state of Minnesota.

92 oz Disher or Ice Cream Scoop

Ice cream scoops come in many sizes, but the two-ounce scoop ($4.50)  is one of Yeh's go-tos. "I use it for frosting cupcakes . . . uniform pucks of cookie dough and a nightly little ice cream sundae topped with tahini and sprinkles," she says.