The Sweet Addition That Will Change Your Frozen Pizza Forever

Just because it's frozen doesn't mean it can't taste good. Of course nothing compares to the kind made fresh at a pizzeria, but if you're left eating the store-bought kind, there are plenty of ways to upgrade it. For example, adding extra cheese halfway through the baking process can amp up the flavor, as does drizzling on some lemon juice, according to pizza chef Gretchen Holm (via Insider). Sometimes even the cooking method can make the biggest difference: Frozen pizza that's heated on a grill or baked on a preheated cast iron using your oven's highest temperature setting will taste a lot better than one that's made according to the instructions on a box.

If you're feeling particularly bold, however, changing the flavor profile of your pizza altogether is the way to go. Since most frozen pizzas are pre-made with savory toppings, adding a sweet one not only introduces a new flavor, but also creates a delicious contrast, Kitchn shares.

Just add fruit

Hawaiian-style pizza, the kind topped with pineapple, tends to get a bad rap, especially on social media. But fruit on pizza actually has a place in Italian cuisine, and that's why it can make even a frozen pizza taste better. In Rome, as Taste Atlas shares, pizza bianca, or white pizza, is often topped with figs in late August and September when the fruit is in season. In Florence, during the wine grape harvest season in the fall, Italy Magazine shares that salted rosemary and olive oil focaccia is topped with grapes to make schiacciata all'uva, and though it's not technically pizza, it can easily be turned into one.

Next time you're serving frozen pizza for dinner, try adding fruit on top. Besides figs and grapes, Kitchn suggests peaches, apples, and pears. Per the outlet's instructions, simply toss the fruit in olive oil before adding them to the pizza and baking it. This works particularly well on white pizza, it says, but according to La Cucina Italiana, Roman fig pizza pairs well with savory ingredients like arugula cherry tomatoes.

If the combination of sweet and salty is up your alley, you'll definitely want to try this hack.