The Cheese Tip You Need To Improve Frozen Pizza

Everyone knows that pizza and parties go together — which is why Americans can't get enough of the savory dish that tastes like a festival in your mouth. The USDA reported that 93% of people in the U.S. dine on a slice of this fast food classic every month. And while many Americans may choose to order out, in 2021 they spent a staggering $6.06 billion dollars on ready-made pizza they could heat up at home (per Statista).

The reason why so many Americans choose to stock up on this frozen dinner is understandable. Ordering pizza out, once you tack on delivery charges and fees, can get quite expensive. But if you don't do anything to prepare your frozen pizza, aside from sticking it in the oven, you're making a big frozen food mistake. Though you didn't prepare the pizza yourself, there's still a way you can doctor up the flavor of your pre-packaged dinner with this simple trick.

Add some cheesy flair to your frozen pizza

Everyone loves cheese — especially when it's on pizza. And according to Serious Eats, you can add a boost of flavor to your ready-made dinner by sprinkling more of your favorite cheese onto your pie. For the best results, they suggest bucking the conventional wisdom of putting on extra cheese immediately before or after you put it in the oven. Instead, wait until after your frozen pizza has been cooked halfway, apply the extra cheese, put the meal back in, and watch as it melts perfectly onto your pizza.

If this tip changes the way you eat frozen pizza, you may also want to try topping your pre-made dinner with other extra ingredients to give it even more flavor. For example, All Recipes recommends adding oil and spices to your frozen pizza crust to make it taste just like a hot-and-ready pie from a restaurant. You can even use the leftovers in your fridge to turn your run-of-the-mill frozen meal into a gourmet dinner.