What Is The Best Way To Prepare Your Cup Of Coffee? - Exclusive Survey

It's no secret that Americans love their coffee. In fact, coffee consumption hit a two-decade high this past spring, per the National Coffee Association, with 66% of Americans drinking coffee daily. And while many of us prefer to swing through the drive-thru to pick up a popular Starbucks drink on the way to work or school, plenty of us still prefer to brew a cup of joe at home for a quick and cheap alternative.

Yahoo reports that Americans spend approximately $1,934 to $2,327 on coffee annually, so brewing up your morning caffeine fix at home is a smart choice when you're on a budget but still need your morning pick-me-up.

We were curious about how our readers here at Tasting Table make their morning cup of coffee at home, so we polled 588 of you to get the lowdown on how you prepare your ideal cup. Here's what you had to say!

How do you take your coffee?

The most popular response, with 36.9% of the vote, was preparing coffee with both cream and sugar. Making coffee with creamer or milk only came close behind, with 29.93% of respondents saying it was their preferred method.

There are numerous coffee creamer brands that offer a plethora of flavors these days, so those of you who opt for creamer can shake up your mornings with everything from seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice or peppermint to cocktail-inspired flavors, if that's your thing.

Next up was black coffee, with 15.14% of respondents saying it's how they like to start their mornings. Additionally, the survey found that 9.35% of respondents like to jazz their cup of joe up with flavored syrup, while 8.67% opt for sugar or artificial sweetener only. Regardless of how you take your cup, there are a few common mistakes you want to avoid when brewing coffee at home, like keeping your coffee filter from collapsing in on itself.