The Trick For Preventing A Coffee Filter From Collapsing

Do you ever find yourself struggling to make a cup of coffee in the morning? It doesn't help when you're also groggy and sleep deprived and your paper coffee filter keeps collapsing on itself, preventing your grounds from trickling into your precious cup of joe. We've all been there before — literally. 

The U.S. is the leading country in coffee consumption, as 62% of Americans report drinking coffee daily, per the National Coffee Association. Whether hot or iced, the average individual drinks more than three cups of coffee per day, so it's clear that people love their morning pick-me-up.

Besides collapsing coffee filters, there are several other common mistakes you could be making when brewing coffee at home. The good news is, there are also ways to avoid these foibles. So, what is the secret for preventing a coffee filter from collapsing in on itself in order to brew a better cup?

How to keep a coffee filter from collapsing

Take a look at the paper coffee filters in your pantry, and you may notice that there are ridges along the bottom and one side of the filter. These are not just for decoration, they are there for a purpose. Fold the filter along the textured lines, as recommended by Huffpost, and the filter will fit snugly in your coffee maker as it's intended to and will remain upright while your coffee brews. It's a simple — and often overlooked — step that will help you brew a better pot of coffee in seconds.

Now that you know how to use your coffee filters properly, try these tricks for using up the extra coffee filters you have laying around. And while many of us enjoy a cup of coffee (or several) to kickstart our mornings, you can also get your caffeine fix by incorporating coffee into a number of recipes, including this coffee butter recipe or this coffee gelato recipe.