Ina Garten's Mess-Free Method For Cutting Corn Off The Cob

Let's face it: Ina Garten has the content everybody needs right now. Maybe you're asking yourself the same thing that The New York Times columnist Julia Moskin asked herself in 2020: How does Ina do it? She was all over our Instagram feeds during lockdown. (Who isn't still fantasizing about her giant cosmopolitan?) And it's hard to forget Heather McMahan's viral character impression of the Barefoot Contessa on Instagram.

One of the most versatile ingredients out there is corn. Whether it's a simple corn salad recipe, or an all-time favorite creamy corn pudding, fresh corn straight off the cob makes all of the difference. Still, many shy away from making fresh corn to avoid the kitchen mess. Luckily, the Barefoot Contessa is the go-to chef for finding clean ways to do typically messy activities. So how does one of the most elegant women in food do one of the messiest kitchen jobs? Read on to find out how Ina Garten cuts corn off the cob.

Ina's a-maize-ing method for cutting corn off the cob

OK, you've made fresh corn on the cob and now you're ready to de-kernel those bulky cobs. If you're anything like us, you've grappled with the aftermath of kernels all over the counter and on the kitchen floor, as well as some that have rolled underneath the stove and won't be found until days later.

In a recent YouTube video of Ina making her fresh corn pancakes, she shares her mess-free method. She puts a sheet pan down on the counter and covers it with a clean kitchen towel. Then, she places the corn on the cob vertically directly onto the kitchen towel, and cuts the kernels off with a knife from top to bottom. The kernels fall neatly onto the towel, which acts as a sort of catch-all kernel blanket. After the cob is de-kerneled, she takes the kitchen towel filled with corn and puts the exact right amount into her recipe. Genius!

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