The Ina Garten-Approved Plates Perfect For Organizing Dinner Parties

Ina Garten is known for her homade chicken dinners and her fusion of down-to-earth meets sophistication when it comes to entertaining. It's really her love language and she is the master we all want to emulate. The Barefoot Contessa explained in a House Beautiful interview that she doesn't get caught up in making everything fancy and instead sticks to a no fuss, time-saving strategy so she can have fun and enjoy her guests. Garten said, "I just think when people come, they're expecting something fabulous. And when they end up having a simple meal in the kitchen ... They feel comfortable; They feel relaxed; And that's when people really connect with each other."

But what we really love is how the "store bought is fine" television personality defines a dinner party. Garten revealed to Today that it doesn't have to be 12 people to be a party; Four people can be just enough. Of course, regardless of size, Garten really gets into the details of entertaining, and no dinner party would be complete without some tunes. To wit and per her website, Garten has curated her "Ina's Dance Party" playlist to set the mood and keep it going. 

And when it comes to setting the table, she really keeps with her easy-going philosophy. In fact, the celebrity cook took to social media to share her Garten-approved plates that may be the perfect addition for organizing your next dinner party.

Ina Garten utilizes numbered plates

Ina Garten took to her Instagram account to share a photo of one of her summer soirees. The photo has received over 39,000 likes and for good reason. Garten used simple white numbered dinner plates to set her table and add a little fun to the evening. She captioned the photo with, "This was my summer table setting with blue hydrangeas, green zinnias, and fresh mint from the garden. The table was so small and cozy that the napkins wouldn't fit so I just tucked them under the plates." These gorgeous plates are handmade by Mg by hand and while sets that include plates numbered 1-6 are sold out, it appears sets of those numbered 1-4 are still available for $880 per set.

In addition, to these lovely dishes, Garten shared with the Today show hosts that she keeps her centerpieces simple, using bowls of lemons or flowers in bud vases to add a simple and easy focal point to the table. And she keeps couples together, using a boy, boy, girl, girl pattern so "everybody is sitting next to a boy and a girl." Garten also revealed that she wasn't above ordering out a lasagna and putting it in her own dish to serve. And if quizzed by your guest about the recipe, Garten said can simply reply, "I'm so glad you like it."