The Kitchen Tool That Will Help You Make The Airiest Scrambled Eggs

The true beauty of scrambled eggs lies in a light and fluffy consistency. No rubbery scrambles, please. Scrambled eggs are meant to be delicate and delicious, made for making mornings as sunny as they are flavorful.

By now, you probably have a tried-and-true scrambled egg technique that feeds you on weekday mornings as easily as it serves crowds on weekend brunches. No matter your strategy, it's never a bad idea to add a pat of unsalted butter to your pan. There is a range of scrambled egg techniques to sift through, and some may suit your preferences and cooking style better than the alternatives. According to Insider, egg-lovers can scramble their eggs low and slow, whisk them via a cocktail shaker, or even pop them in the oven or microwave. Some approaches are surely more effective than others, though no matter which route — or combination of routes — you choose, there's one strategy you'll want to try.

That strategy calls for a whisking makeover. Home cooks can surely achieve fluffy eggs by adding ingredients like crème fraîche, but if you're looking for an appliance that gets the job done, an immersion blender is a must. The blending tool will scramble your eggs all the easier ... and, more importantly, make them all the fluffier.

Immersion blenders for the win — and the fluffy eggs of your breakfast dreams

Immersion blenders are useful in all kinds of recipes. They can help speed up the mixing process and blend any ingredients properly and harmoniously. Whether you're making soup, sauce, or salsa, an immersion blender is a hassle-free appliance that works well in most liquids — raw eggs included.

According to Eat This, Not That, the key to scrambled eggs is in, well, the scramble. As such, you want to make your scramble as uniform as possible. A whisk or fork works just fine, but an immersion blender works faster and with less room for error. Whisking eggs properly incorporates air and volume, and to retain this texture, you'll want to mix your eggs right before adding them to the pan (via The Huffington Post).

So the next time you make scrambled eggs, try pulling out your immersion blender in lieu of a whisk. It doesn't take much time to make a huge difference. With this appliance in your scrambled egg-making arsenal, you'll keep your mornings everything but scrambled — and put perfectly fluffy eggs on your plate.