Starbucks Is Bringing A Fan-Favorite Drink To Grocery Stores

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Starbucks hasn't just been busy leading the restaurant world by smashing sales records with its gourmet drinks. It has also set its sights on conquering the grocery aisle. In fact, Statista reported that in 2021, Starbucks was deemed America's number one ready-to-drink producer after raking in more than $213 million in sales from its pre-made products.

And a big reason behind its grocery store drinks' success is the brand's ability to know which Starbucks beverages their fans would love to see on store shelves. For example, the coffee giant sells a ready-to-drink version of its coveted pumpkin spice latte (per Amazon) for a limited time each year and put out a line of ready-to-drink cold brew coffees in 2021, via Food Business News, which was undoubtedly a move brought on by the number of sales Starbucks has made thanks to its cold brew products (via Insider). 

Now, the coffee chain is causing a stir by adding another fan-favorite to its permanent ready-to-drink line.

The Pink Drink is coming to your local grocery store

That's right, the refresher that was so popular it made its way from an off-menu order to an official Starbucks drink has done it again. According to The Takeout, the Pink Drink will be added to Starbucks' ready-to-drink line, making it the first refresher and the second non-coffee beverage (the first was its Baya Sparkling drink).

The announcement that the Pink Drink was coming to stores was made on Starbucks Investor Day. And while the news did not come with an official launch date, The Takeout did reach out to a Starbucks representative to try and get an exact release date for the product. Unfortunately, the representative could only confirm that the ready-to-drink refresher would be hitting store shelves across the U.S. soon.

While you're waiting for Starbucks' next big grocery store launch, you can browse the chain's most recently released product line and celebrate spooky season at the same time — because this year's Starbucks limited edition Halloween cups are already on sale.