How Starbucks' 2022 Halloween Cups Stand Out From Other Years'

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If (like us) you happen to have a scorching, diagnosable case of fall fever, then there's probably a good chance you've already sampled a fall menu or two. According to new research by Hershey, folks are excited to celebrate Halloween earlier than ever this year — and Starbucks' 2022 Halloween cups are ready to cater to the spirit of the season.

Cup collectors will likely remember Starbucks' 2021 Halloween cups, which featured three-dimensional neon pink and green spikes, black cats, spiderwebs, and gothic baroque fleurs (via Delish). Prior, the coffee giant's seasonal lines aired on the side of minimalism. In 2020, Starbucks released a sleek steel gray studded tumbler for Halloween; in 2019, a matte white ceramic coffee mug with an understated skull etching. This year, though, it looks like Starbucks is diving into the spirit of the season with more zeal than ever. Whether you're an avid collector or a casual connoisseur, Starbucks announced the release of its new Halloween cup line earlier this week, and fans are in for a spooky seasonal surprise. Ever tried drinking your pumpkin spice latte out of a pumpkin-printed mug? If so, that's nice — but get ready for an upgrade. Here's how the 2022 cups stand out from other years'.

Get ready for glow-in-the-dark

Introducing: Glow in the dark Halloween cups. Yes, really. Whether you're an iced or hot drink enthusiast, Starbucks' new line features both tumblers and mugs that glow in the dark. One dark purple cold cup is printed with glowing eyes and a spindly black tree. A glowing orange gradient decorates the "Raven's Perch" cold cup. One ceramic hot coffee mug is printed with an astral display of the night sky that really glows. The "Lemongrass Bling Cup" is a solid, Venti-sized glow-in-the-dark orb — and these aren't even all of the Halloween-themed designs in the new line. Although the spooky mugs came a little later this season than in 2021, per Delish, fans will likely agree the wait was well worth it. This year, every mug in the lineup glows in the dark, and there's a total of 10 different illuminated items.

The Halloween cups — which all run for less than $30 — hit Starbucks retail locations nationwide in September, but there might be even more on the way. In August, one Instagram fan account leaked alleged documents from the corporate side of Starbucks, which suggest that another cup drop might be coming on September 27. Although, five of the new Halloween designs will be exclusively available at Target Starbucks locations, notes Good Housekeeping, so fans on the Halloween hunt should keep their eyes peeled.