The Real Reason Starbucks Has Round Tables

What offers pumpkin spice lattes, has a brand name that's recognizable across the globe, and features a siren on the logo? You probably guessed it correctly, and the company needs no introduction because of how popular it is.

Aside from the drinks, pastries, and take-home coffee bags, Starbucks is also known for its cozy atmosphere. This might not immediately come to mind though, as one doesn't usually stay at an establishment because of the ceiling height, wall color, or chair options.

But Starbucks pays attention to these details, and as Palomar explains, many of their coffee shops bear a resemblance to a library, where one feels welcome to stay, read, and relax for as long as they need. Several factors play a part in this, like Starbucks' high ceilings, warm room colors, and its noise level which, for many people, is neither too quiet nor too loud. CNN also reports that Starbucks chooses comfortable chairs and interesting pieces of art to enhance the homey environment.

Starbucks' keen eye even extends to their tables, and there's a reason why you won't see any formal square tables with edges.

Round tables subside loneliness

Next time you're at a Starbucks, look for a square table. We'll bet you won't see one, and there may be a good reason for that. Round tables help to ease loneliness for parties of one. As Business Insider puts it, you can't have a social hierarchy or a "head of the table" with round tables since there are no edges. Therefore, everyone is on a level playing field, and that goes for solo coffee enthusiasts or groups at round tables.

The rigid edges of square tables also denote more formal and professional settings, and that's something that Starbucks is trying to stay away from. So with a round table, the atmosphere is suddenly more welcoming for everybody, per ABC News. The U.S. Sun also notes that small round tables aren't as comfortable compared to square ones, so consumers are more likely to sit for shorter durations, which equates to a higher turn-around time.

So whether you're going to Starbucks for a rich chocolate beverage or a sweet pastry, be sure to have a seat at one of their round tables and marvel at a piece of knowledge that not many others share.