The Costa Rican Resort That Caters To Every Coffee Need

Terroir is probably not the first thing on your mind as you sip your morning brew, but, like grapes, coffee's flavor varies according to place. According to Nespresso, Costa Rica's growing regions' high altitude, fertile volcanic soil, and ample rainfall contribute to its trademark flavors of citrus and cocoa. But that's not the only contributing factor to Costa Rica's world-class beans, Costa Rican growers invented the "honey" processing method to enhance their coffee's flavor and conserve water. This process gives their coffee a distinctive sweetness, body, and complexity (via Intelligence Coffee). 

While Costa Rica is not the world's largest coffee producer (they rank 16th), they may be the most strict. It is against the law to grow anything other than Arabica coffee there, and they still hand-pick their beans, per Cafe Britt. Because of its economic contribution, Costa Ricans refer to coffee as the "Golden Bean." Clearly, it's considered a national treasure. 

The only thing we can think of that may be better than a cup of Costa Rican coffee is drinking it in its homeland. So, if you are in the mood for a wellness retreat that will support your love affair with coffee, this spa and resort in Costa Rica's cloud forest may be the place for you. Hacienda AltaGracia recognizes the importance of coffee in Costa Rican culture and makes it an integral part of their luxury experience.

Hacienda AltaGracia's unique coffee experience

Traveling to Hacienda AltaGracia can be an adrenaline rush if you opt to take the resort's prop plane the 90 miles from San Jose to their remote location in the province of Pérez Zeledón. Once there, javaphiles are treated to the extensive coffee program of Fabiola Rojas, head barista and coffee scientist at AltaGracia. She tells Food & Wine that her vision is to offer a curated coffee experience with the same quality that a sommelier provides for wine enthusiasts. 

You can kick back and enjoy her coffee selections and the farm-to-table vibe at the property's cafe, Mercado, or imbibe at a private seminar with Rojas. She'll brew up the finest local beans with three different methods including the Costa Rican-invented Vandola pour-over pot, which is based on the nation's traditional café chorreado brewing method (via Perfect Daily Grind).

But a superior cup of joe isn't the only way to enjoy your coffee here. You can enliven your body with a coffee bean scrub at their spectacular spa, The Well, while gazing at the Talamanca Mountains. If you're feeling active, try their tour on horseback to a local, sustainable coffee cooperative where you can witness coffee's journey from plant to cup. And finally, top off a day of java immersion with a nightcap in their cocktail lounge, Selva, where you will enjoy a selection of carefully curated seasonal cocktails that will give you a taste of pura vida.