The Trendy LA Cocktail Bar With A Drink That Literally Thanks God

Los Angeles is home to some of the United States' best restaurants. According to Visit California, this city's culinary star has been rising for some time, becoming home to more and more Michelin-starred eateries. Celebrity chefs like Wolfgang Puck and his famous Spago and Cut restaurants in Beverly Hills are places to see and be seen — and eat. And per KTLA, the City of Angels recently had three of its restaurants featured on the New York Times Best Restaurants in the U.S. list. From fish tacos to roadside date shakes to pricey sushi at the upscale Malibu hot spot, Nobu, there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat.

Recently, a trendy cocktail bar popped up in Santa Monica that has the Los Angeles community talking about its yummy nachos, woodfire pizzas, and amazing menu of adult beverages. Vamos Vamos opened its doors in August 2022, and per LA Eater, Randy and April Clement, who also own Silverlake Wine, are the masterminds behind this new and fun destination. All you have to do is check out their menu to know they put a lot of thought and creativity into their cocktail creations, including one head-turning drink that literally thanks God and will have you pushing aside those homemade classic frozen margaritas.

Gracias Jesus

According to LA Eater, Vamos Vamos has crafted the perfect margarita with its Gracias Jesus. Per the cocktail bar's Instagram, the Gracias Jesus mixes the perfect ratios of mezcal, watermelon, maraska, lime, and agave, all tied up with a chile salt rim. Just the vibrant color alone is a thirst trap. What's the meaning behind the name of this drink? We aren't sure, but the bar's IG shared a poem of gratitude that begins, "for the mezcal that you found for us, Gracias Jesus." The poem goes on to thank Jesus for each component of this unique drink and tags the private account of a Jesus Gomez at the end.

In addition to the Gracias Jesus, the Vamos Vamos cocktail menu features several drinks, and we would love to know the story behind the names. The "red lipstick mini skirt" sounds like a Taylor Swift-inspired drink, while the "I think she's secretly dating Mauricio" has us wondering which Mauricio it could be. Inquiring minds want to know. And then there is the "model tall," a gin-based drink with touches of spicy and citrusy flavors that has us hoping it'll make us feel like a model after drinking it.