Is It Okay To Refrigerate Cupcakes Topped With Ganache?

In our opinion, all cupcakes are good cupcakes. However, cupcakes topped with ganache undoubtedly have an extra depth of flavor and texture to them. Often put inside and on top of our favorite baked goods (per The Spruce Eats), ganache is a decadent spread made of cream and chocolate. And decorating your cupcakes with it (which can also be made keto-friendly) instead of frosting or icing can make an already special treat feel even more luxurious. This is why ganache-covered chocolate cupcakes seem like the perfect addition to any birthday or housewarming party.

But if you plan to prepare a batch of ganache cupcakes for an upcoming event, you may be wondering how to store this delicious dessert until the big day. Most likely you'll find yourself thinking about putting them in the refrigerator. After all, many people use this method to store cupcakes topped with other spreads like cream cheese frosting (per Southern Living). But if you do throw your ganache-topped cupcakes in the fridge, will they actually stay fresh?

Why you should avoid putting your ganache cupcakes in the refrigerator

Unfortunately, while storing ganache cupcakes in your refrigerator may sound like a good idea in theory, Barefoot Contessa reports that baked goods topped with ganache won't bode well in the fridge. After all, ganache is made by warming chocolate. Of course, Martha Stewart states that if you don't mind the topping having a less glossy look, you can temporarily put freshly-slathered ganache-covered treats in the fridge to make the chocolate and cream sauce set faster. But Barefoot Contessa explains that you shouldn't refrigerate them for an extended amount of time.

If you plan on baking ganache cupcakes to bring to an event in the near future, the outlet advises that you should split your dessert prep in half. You can bake the cupcakes days before you need them so long as you store them in an air-tight wrap in the fridge. However, you should make your ganache right before you head out to the celebration. Then, after you warm up your pre-made cupcakes, you can glaze them with your fresh ganache and they'll be party-perfect.