The Unexpected Keto Alternative For Frosting

The world is obsessed with chocolate, and we have been since 1847 when Joseph Fry invented the chocolate bar we all know and love. What dessert isn't elevated by a little bit of chocolate?

But, today, with the many health trends and dietary restrictions people face, not everyone can enjoy everything. The gluten-free folks miss out on croissants, those with lactose intolerance suffer through the ice cream aisle at the store, and those who eat keto, well they can't have frosting on their cake.

Luckily, there is a quick and easy solution for those who are keto and want a little chocolate on their cake. Ganache is easy-to-make versatile chocolate you can use as mousse, for truffles, and, yes, even as frosting!

Frosting, unlike ganache, can be made in quite a few ways using buttercream, merengue, and cream cheese. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to pick what you want to frost your cake with. Thankfully, ganache is relatively simple and even richer than frosting (via Treat Dreams).

Drizzle, spread, & dip it

The mainstream keto diet is difficult to stick to and has a lot of rules, so it is important to find ways to treat yourself! Unfortunately, with frosting's use of powdered sugar, the sweet topping does not fall into keto guidelines. But ganache, with its high-fat content, is perfectly allowed.

Ganache is the heavenly mixture of two simple ingredients: chocolate and heavy whipping cream. You will mostly see ganache as a glaze used on tarts, strawberries, or drizzled on donuts, but you can thicken the chocolate for it to emulate the texture of frosting. According to the Institute of Culinary Education, the best way to thicken your ganacheĀ is by adding more chocolate. Usually, for a glaze, you'd use one part chocolate to every two parts heavy cream; however, for a thicker, sturdier ganache, you'd do equal parts chocolate to cream ratio. And if you are completely chocolate obsessed and want to take it a step further, do two parts chocolate to one part cream!