What Exactly Is A Coffee Pot Cocktail?

So you've perfected brewing coffee at home and are looking for a challenge. Or maybe you're just bored and have an excess of booze stored in your cupboard. In any case, we don't need a good reason to try a new cocktail, and clearly the internet doesn't, either.

In an Instagram post, social media influencer Adley explained she was inspired by a dream and woke up determined to make "skinny margaritas in a coffee pot," insisting this method could be ideal for autumnal whiskey-based drinks. In the video, Adley places a bag of unwrapped Starburst candies into the area where coffee grounds would usually go, and dumps a full bottle of tequila into the slot meant for water. The coffee pot, waiting for whatever concoction will emerge, is filled with ice and a few pieces of sliced citrus fruits. Adley proceeds to squeeze jalapeño peppers into a toaster, yanks them out when they are browned, and slices a few pieces before smashing the bits into the bottom of a sugar-rimmed glass. When the coffee pot mixture is finally poured in and tasted, a smiling Adley describes the result: "It's amazing."

An unconventional approach

Nathan Hutsenpiller tried to replicate the experience and set out to make the "skinny margarita" in the same way. He wrote about his experiment for The Kitchn. Like us, Hutsenpiller was skeptical and admits the taste of the colorful drink didn't quite match the appearance. "It seems that the 'skinny' in this margarita is not really less alcohol, but less flavor," Hutsenpiller explained, reasoning that adding liqueur or more fruit might have saved the drink. Hutsenpiller also suggested that before you brew tomorrow's coffee, you'll want to give your pot a good clean (unless you want to try a new approach for hair of the dog).

If you're wanting to make an actual coffee cocktail, Liquor advises to use quality coffee and think carefully about how you'll brew it. If you really can't be bothered to mix a cocktail for yourself, you can buy a machine that will crank out pre-made drinks for you. And for those of you who see all of this quick mixology as ludicrous, we have easy drinks that might kickstart a home-brewing hobby and a list of drinks you should definitely know how to make.