You Need A Password To Order From Del Taco's Secret Menu

There's something thrilling about going to a speakeasy-style bar or club. It feels like an adventure to have to procure a secret password to enter a building. Fast food chains seem to be jumping on the speakeasy bandwagon by offering secret menu items to people that know the magic words.

Starbucks has a plethora of drink options, but customers have found ways to add even more drinks to obtain special flavors. The Starbucks secret menu items range from a Twix frappuccino to a Sour Patch lemonade. Since these drink orders are not written down, simply asking the barista to make the drink may not work. If the barista is not familiar with the concoction, you would need to explain the order, then have it made.

In-N-Out also has a secret menu that's well published, but there are lesser-known secret menu items that only people in the know will order. This includes items like the Scooby Snack, which is one beef patty meant for your pup to enjoy. You can also order a Neapolitan shake, which is a combination of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Another fast food chain that has a secret menu worth trying is Del Taco, but you'll need a special password to order from it. 

Tell the cashier to go bold for a special surprise

To get access to the secret menu item, simply tell the cashier the phrase, "go bold." These two simple words will allow you to add crinkle-cut fries and secret sauce to any menu item. Who wouldn't want a chicken soft taco filled with crispy fries and sauce? 

The FoodBeast crew decided to try it for themselves and ordered a slew of items, including a vanilla shake. All of the items successfully had fries smothered in secret sauce. After the culinary affair, they wrote, "​​It was a hot mess. It was glorious. It was extreme bubble guts a few hours later but so, so worth it."

According to Delish, people have been using the secret "go bold" code since 2014. If you want to "go bold" with anything on the menu, it'll cost you 39 cents, no matter what you order. The secret sauce that is added to any "go bold" order is a white sauce made from soybean oil, buttermilk solids, vinegar, and egg yolk (via Reference). If that and crunchy fries sound like something that will enhance your order, by all means, go bold.