The Simple Addition That Will Elevate The Flavor Of Store-Bought Frosting

In 2020, 153.6 million people across the U.S. ditched making homemade buttercream frosting in favor of buying it from the store (per Statista). And honestly, Americans' partialness for pre-made icing makes sense. Of course, store-bought frosting is an easy way to put the final touches on a red velvet cake. But it also comes in every flavor and form you can imagine — including a line of Duncan Hines frostings endorsed by country-music queen Dolly Parton.

And the cherry on top of the literal cake is that store-bought frosting is generally just as tasty as any frosting you could make at home. Odds are, if you follow slap your pre-made frosting onto a fresh-out-of-the-oven cake, it will melt into the treat just as perfectly as frosting you whipped up in your kitchen would. 

But although store-bought frosting is already delicious enough to make you want to take a scoop out of it as a snack, you can make its flavor even more enticing by following one easy hack. 

Super-charge your store-bought frosting with flavored syrup

According to Insider, the flavored syrups you'd usually use in snow cones (or mix with cocktails) will give some dimension to your store-bought icing's taste. To upgrade your pre-made vanilla frosting, they recommend mixing it with a brightly-flavored syrup like cherry or a rich-tasting syrup like toffee.

But that's not the only type of syrup you can use. The outlet also reports you can throw coffee syrup into your frosting to level up its taste. After all, Starbucks' best Frappuccinos are all the proof you need to know that coffee syrup is a mix-in you can't go wrong with. And, for even more added sweetness, Wilton Blog suggests skipping the pancakes and throwing maple syrup straight into your store-bought icing instead.

The world of syrups is filled with unique flavors you can test out on your frosting. So go out there, grab some of your favorite coffee add-ins, and find a combo that will make the icing you spread on your next cake taste irresistible.