The Shortcut Method To Making Smoky, Jammy Eggs

It's amazing how topping a dish with an egg can really give it a glamorous, decadent feeling. When the menu says, "topped with a poached egg." it adds a certain creamy and luscious magic to just about any meal.

Why is this? When you think about it without the egg on top, eggs Benedict is nothing more than a ham sandwich. And the fried egg on top makes this recipe into Chilaquiles instead of just a play on nachos. In some instances, eggs really make the dish what it is. Perhaps it's the velvety texture of a perfectly jammy egg yolk or the creamy feeling of a perfectly cooked egg white. Whatever it is, no one is complaining.

Everyone has their favorite trick for making a perfectly luscious and tender egg. Some love poaching, while others love a soft boil. Some choose to coddle while others might perform a soft scramble. But whatever your favorite trick is, it's unlikely that you are regularly thinking about tossing eggs on the grill. Right?

Grilling eggs to perfection

If you're outside grilling you might have meat or veggies ready to go. Maybe you've even got some buns ready to toast, but have you ever had a bowl of eggs sitting by the grill? According to Bon Appétit, this unconventional way of cooking eggs gives them a more interesting flavor than simply hard-boiling them. They take on a smokiness and this would likely be intensified if you're using a charcoal grill or adding wood chips to your barbecue for flavor.

To grill eggs, leave them in their shell and then place them carefully on the grill using tongs. Bon Appétit explains that the eggs are done in 6 and 14 minutes depending on how jammy you like your yolks. So you might want to take one or two off at different times so you can get a feel for how long to cook them on your specific grill. Today notes that the eggs will continue to cook once they come off the grill, so you may want to have an ice bath ready. These tender, smokey eggs are perfect over salads or simply served with your favorite grilled meats and veggies.