Welcome (Back) to Miami

New year, new reasons to visit the Magic City

Winter wonderland? Pass.

Picture celebrating the holidays lounging poolside (and getting your tan on) with a surfer-chic cocktail in hand, slurping pasta—oh, hey, there's Jay Z!—and eating all the stone crab, lobster rolls and ceviche your heart desires.

This magical place we speak of is Miami, the southeastern crux of where Cuban, American and Spanish flavors collide and where the sun is always shining. If you're not already planning a trip, you should get there, and our newly updated City Guide will tell you what to order right now: innovative kale-pesto pasta at Noodle Head, for instance, and stellar speakeasy-era drinks at the jazzy Railroad Blues.

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In fact, we've got more than 10 new reasons to head to the Magic City, from just-opened restaurants to a new provisions shop to bring something back for your envious friends (hint: take a cooler).

Check out our freshly updated City Guide here, and we'll see you in Miami.


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