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Miami is in its adolescence relative to more established dining cities around the country, but that gives it a certain youthful energy. It's a city that takes its place as a gateway between Latin America, Europe and North America and runs off into the pink-and-purple sunset with it. You can get ceviche renditions that crackle with color or cocktails that evoke a walk through a tropical garden after a rainstorm.

Follow our guide to Miami's bars, restaurants and markets to explore the heat-soaked city's culinary scene, from open-air markets where a guy hacks coconuts open with a machete before your very eyes, to elegant restaurants where you can disappear into the Miami of the 1920s. What else can we say but "Welcome to Miami"?


Stone Crab

Joe's Stone Crab

José Mendin

Founding partner and culinary director of Pubbelly

"We have an amazing blend of flavors from South America and Europe. I've always said that Miami is where South America and Europe meet."

Local Expert

Cindy Hutson

Chef/owner of Ortanique

"The Miami culinary scene has changed dramatically since I started in 1995. There are far more choices in dining, or should I say, good choices. Today, a new generation of chefs has entered. They're thinking out of the box, combining flavors that not many thought about when cooking classically. For me, it's all about ethnic flavors and the knowledge of food history, and connecting people through that."

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