7 Chic Paper Products to Use at Your Next Party

Say goodbye to boring white paper plates
Chic Paper Products for Parties
Photo: Anthropologie

Parties are what life's all about—until it's time to clean up. Washing every cup and dish you own is a pain, and basic white paper plates are, well, boring, especially next to those fancy appetizers and gourmet entrées you worked so hard on. What's the solution? Modern boutique paper products that instantly take your tablescape to the next level—and make cleanup a breeze.

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These design-centric products also happen to be reasonably priced, so you'll have plenty of money leftover to load up on booze for bar-worthy cocktails. You can mix and match colors and patterns, or keep it simple with the design, but, most importantly, you'll stay within budget.

Scroll through the products below to find what you need for any occasion.

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