Sunday Morning Special

Ten brunch dishes that get us out of bed

In NYC, brunching is a sport. Here, the dishes that win the weekend.

① Breakfast Ramen at Talde ($12)
Hello, bacon, eggs and noodles in a broth made from buttered toast soaked in house-made pork stock! Arigato chef Talde-san!

② Green Shakshuka at Jack's Wife Freda ($10)
Lighter, brighter take on the Middle Eastern baked-egg dish, with green bell peppers and tomatillos. Mops up nicely with a slice of challah toast.

 Bagel with Smoked Whitefish Salad at Marlow & Sons ($7)
Bagel for brunch? Normally we'd say fuggeddaboutit, but have no schmear, this house-made whitefish salad is the stuff deli dreams are made of.

 Duck Hash at Egg ($13.50)
File under simple Frenchy deliciousness: duck confit, crisp potatoes, a smattering of scallions and two perfectly poached eggs.

 "Steak & Egg" Korean-Style at The Good Fork ($17)
A soulful, modern, soy-marinated take on the breakfast classic that's worth the hike to Red Hook.

 Porchetta Sandwich at Maialino ($16)
Maintain what's left of your weekend dignity by eating this meaty monstrosity--ciabatta, slow-roasted pork and a fried egg--with a knife and fork.

 Donut French Toast at Thistle Hill Tavern ($12)
Dale Talde makes the list twice for this "Are you serious?" ridiculousness. He is: The pan-fried donuts are served with orange marmalade and chopped hazelnuts.

 Brandada de Bacalao at Tertulia ($13)
Silky whipped salt cod. Beautifully baked eggs. Sweet, smoky roasted red peppers. Consider this chef Seamus Mullen's dreamy little crock of Catalan-inspired luxury.

 Zoe's Malawah at Cafe Petisco ($11)
Yemenite pancakes made from crisp phyllo dough and served with harissa-spiked tomato sauce. Put an egg on 'em? Yep.

⑩ Cinnamon Roll at River Styx ($8)
Baked in an individual bowl, each roll is crispy on top, doughy and pull-apart-y on the bottom, and drenched in caramel sauce. Every table should get at least one. Every table in the world.

Talde 369 7th Ave. Brooklyn NY 11215 347-916-0031 Jack's Wife Freda 224 Lafayette St. New York NY 10012 212-510-8550 Marlow & Sons 81 Broadway Brooklyn NY 11211 718-384-1441 Egg 109 N. 3rd St. Brooklyn NY 11211 718-302-5151 The Good Fork 391 Van Brunt St. Brooklyn NY 11231 718-643-6636 Maialino 2 Lexington Ave. New York NY 10010 212-777-2410 Thistle Hill Tavern 441 7th Ave. Brooklyn NY 11215 347-599-1262 Tertulia 359 6th Ave. New York NY 10001 646-559-9909 Cafe Petisco 189 E. Broadway New York NY 10002 212-387-0366 River Styx 21 Greenpoint Ave. Brooklyn NY 11222 718-383-8833


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