Voodoo Doughnut Is Opening Its First-Ever East Coast Location

If the original Portland spot was a chapel, this new shop is pretty much a pastry cathedral
Voodoo Doughnut East Coast Location
Photo: Universal Orlando

A West Coast gem is finally making its way over to the other side of the country (sorry, it's not In-N-Out just yet). According to Delish, famed Portland shop Voodoo Doughnut is set to open its first East Coast location at Universal CityWalk in Orlando, Florida. 

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If the original Voodoo Doughnut was a lowly chapel, think of this new spot as a cathedral, where 50 flavors will be available on a spinning carousel, including the maple-glazed and bacon-topped bars that first put the bakery on the map. Meanwhile, Voodoo's eponymous flavor—a chocolate-glazed doughnut doll with a pretzel rod stabbed through its squishy heart—will also be on offer, in both an edible version and a 12-foot-tall replica. And just like the original Portland bakery, you can even exchange wedding vows here—if you're the type of person who believes fried pastries are an outright religion.


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"It's going to be a donut palace," Tres Shannon, the shop's cofounder, tells Delish. "We used to joke that we dreamed of opening a donut palace, and we'd say things like, 'Wouldn't it be cool to have a water slide in it?' Now there's one right nearby!"

The store is currently in its soft-opening stages and will officially open later this spring.


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