South by Procrastination

Still haven't made dinner reservations for SXSW? We've got you covered
Photo: Ed Schipul via Flickr
Austin Skyline

Get ready for it: Austin will see about 85,000 or more tourists at SXSW over the next couple of weeks. Between sets, panels, bar crawls and everything else that goes along with South By, every festivalgoer needs to grab a bite to refuel. Lots of places book up fast (and those who are willing to brave the epic line at Franklin BBQ during the fest, we wish you luck!), but for people who haven't made all of their plans, this is the time to rely on no-reservations dining spots. We've rounded up Austin's best in our DINE by Tasting Table restaurant discovery app.

Get a taste of them here:

East Side King Thai-Kun

And get the full list here, or in our DINE app.


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