Swedish Meatballs Aren't Actually from Sweden

The staple of Ikea cafeterias is hiding a secret
Swedish Meatballs Aren't Swedish
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

There's a lot of news that breaks on Twitter. But in between Kanye rants and Trump tweets, it's possible you missed the country of Sweden's  Earth-shattering announcement: Swedish meatballs aren't actually from Sweden.

The country's official Twitter account decided to take the time to explain the iconic dish is, in fact, based on a recipe from Turkey, with The Telegraph adding that it originates more specifically from the Turkish lamb dish known as kofte

Understandably, the seemingly innocent revelation had the Internet in a tizzy.

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Listen, as long as we can still get them slathered in gravy after a day of shopping for storage units and bulk glassware, we have no problem accepting this new truth. (However, it does make us wonder, where are Swedish fish from?)


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