Houston's Most Popular Place for Brunch Has a New Location

The secret's out about Snooze's new spot in the Heights
New Snooze Location in Houston
Photo: Snooze Eatery via Facebook

Spending your Sunday morning in line at Snooze is pretty much a rite of passage for Houstonians at this point. It's easy to see why, with six variations of eggs Benedict and pancakes that are the best excuse to eat dessert for breakfast. And now, the Denver-based eatery is gracing the city with another location. 

According to Eater, the newest Snooze will open on January 24 in Houston Heights, where you can expect the same menu of hits, like pineapple upside-down flapjacks doused in crème anglaise and a breakfast burrito crowned with your choice of either green chili or ranchero sauce.


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The location is even offering a few dedicated fans the chance to attend the soft-opening. But even if you don't win, the fact you know about the opening before the rest of your other brunch-faring friends is a victory in itself. 


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