Let Them Eat Salad

Colorful cakes built from vegetables are taking the internet by storm
Vegiedeco Cakes
Vegiedeco Salad Cakes | Photo: PR Times

In the age of Instagram and viral food, a beautiful salad isn't enough anymore to grab people's attention: Milkshakes must be monstrous, bagels look like rainbows and doughnuts are covered in, well, everything. Enter salad cakes, the newest visually driven food trend that is currently taking the internet by storm.

Photos: PR Times

Salad cakes are just what they sound like: salads built to look like colorful, decadent cakes. Coined "Vegiedeco Salad," they popped up at Japanese restaurant Bistro La Porte Marseille in Nagoya last year, thanks to Japanese food stylist Mitsuki Moriyasu. RocketNews24 reports that a new café in Nagoya will be opening in early April.

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The cakes are made with whole vegetables, including roots and peels, and the "frosting" is made from tofu and cream cheese. One slice starts at 735 yen, or $6.50.

They are definitely visually stunning, but don't get us wrong: We'd rather eat real cake. Or real salad for that matter.



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