Stay in the Car: Ramen Is Now Available via Drive-Thru

This California spot is perfect for ramen lovers in a rush
Bowl of Ramen Noodles
Photo: Tasting Table

Eating a bowl of ramen correctly shouldn’t take much more than five minutes—any longer and the noodles lose their signature bounce. But for those who really can’t spare the time, there will soon be a ramen drive-thru in Torrance, California. The window is a project from Shin Sen Gumi restaurant group, which owns a number of local Japanese restaurants.

“Our drive-through is our way of taking a part of Japanese culture and adapting it to the American or Southern Californian lifestyle,” Mitsuyasu Shigeta, the president of Shin Sen Gumi, tells the Los Angeles Times.

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Shigeta doesn’t elaborate on the complete menu, but the team is known for Hakata-style ramen, including the rich and porky tonkotsu. Bento boxes will also be available through the window when the spot opens later this year.

And for those who aren’t in a rush, there will be seating for 30 inside the restaurant.


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