The Amazing Technicolor Dreambagel

Watch how Brooklyn's famous rainbow bagel is made
Business Insider
Rainbow Bagel Video

A new video from Business Insider goes behind the scenes to look at one of Brooklyn's hottest foods: the rainbow bagel from The Bagel Store. Whether you find it sacrilegious or sacrosanct, watching how the bagel is made is pretty fascinating. Check out Business Insider's video to see how it's put together.

Bagel-makers layer disks of dough, which looks like neon Play-Doh, slice it, roll it and then coil it. Rossillo told Business Insider that making the bagel demands a lot of time, patience and "discipline." Consuming the cake-like treat for breakfast? No discipline required.

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Although Bagel Store owner Scot Rossillo has been making the breakfast/dessert for 20 years, "the most beautiful bagels in the world," as he calls them, are finally getting the attention they deserve. In recent months, they've shocked the internet with their psychedelic swirls and colors.

"You're not hallucinating" the store's website wrote this past November, describing the monstrosity/delicacy stuffed with cotton candy and rainbow sprinkle cake-flavored cream cheese. No, this is not your average bagel.


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