The Most Delicious Moments from NYC's Famous Pickle Festival

This festival is a pickle's time to brine, and it was kind of a big dill
NYC Pickle Day Festival
Photo: Chelsea Ercolano/Twenty20

New York’s Lower East Side is known for many iconic foods: bagels, pastrami, dumplings, etc. But it’s pickles that stole the show this weekend at perhaps one of the neighborhood’s most famous events: the annual Pickle Day Festival.

This briny bazaar showcased more than 20 vendors and featured live music, games and, most importantly, a huge selection of pickled treats by some of the best in the business, including Pickle Me Pete, Backyard Brine, The Pickle Guys and Brooklyn Brine. The connoisseurs behind Ice & Vice even made an appearance with a pickled blueberry graham crumb ice cream.

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Festivalgoers got more than just the salty satisfaction of biting into fresh pickles: Pickle juice is also known to help even the worst of your Sunday hangovers. From fried pickles to pickle cupcakes, pickle martinis and no-nonsense pickles on a stick, here is the best of the festival as told by Instagram.


NYC Pickle Fest: some people got a pickle on a stick, I got pickle cupcakes

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Pickle and almond truffle is... worth trying once. #LESpickleday

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@iceandvice you are everything. Pickled Ice Cream!!! YASSS!!! #lespickleday �� #nyc

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#picklefestival #martini

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