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Ludo Lefebvre will host season 5 of ‘Mind of a Chef'
Photo: Courtesy of Anais and Dax
Ludo Lefebvre

Over the weekend, Ludo Lefebvre recreated his hit pop-up, Ludobites, at home for a few bloggers—and the filming crew of PBS's Mind of a Chef. The French chef, who co-captains the Trois Mec, Petit Trois and Trois Familia ships in Los Angeles, will be the first host of the show's fifth season, saying:

This season, I will explore my 20 years in L.A., and I don't think I could have had this career in any other city in the world. L.A. is so unique and offers such great opportunity, [but] we will also head off to France and Paris and look back on my 12 years when I learned from some of the greats.

The team shared a shot of the chef in his kitchen:

Lefebvre, who also dropped the news that he will be opening a location of Petit Trois in the Valley, is in good company. Past hosts include Gabrielle Hamilton, David Chang and Magnus Nilsson.

With Netflix's Chef's Table also heading to France for a mini season this fall, it might be time to brush up on your high school French.

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