This Thing Now: Dude, Sweet Chocolate Truffles

Eat limited-edition Loma Sotavento truffles, do some good
Dude, Sweet Chocolate Loma Sotavento Truffles
Photo: Courtesy of Dude Sweet Chocolate

Just because this past Saturday may have resulted in excess consumption of crappy chocolate hearts doesn't mean your February window of chocolate eating has shut. (Mine surely has not.) But should you need justification for such indulgence, try this: a limited-run batch of rum-spiked truffles that gives back.

Inspired by a trip to the Valrhona cacao plantation, Loma Sotavento, in the Dominican Republic, the "funky artisans" at Dude, Sweet Chocolate concocted a special truffle comprised of chocolate grown right there on the plantation and Dominican mamajuana rum, made by soaking tree bark and herbs in a mixture of rum, red wine and honey. The result is a nuanced two-biter that's so fresh it has an expiration date.

Even better, a portion of the proceeds of the truffles goes to Escuela Básica Los Indios, a school established by Valrhona to provide education for children in the community near Loma Sotavento. And just when you thought it couldn't get any sweeter, each container is wrapped in a drawing by a student of the school.


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