California Is Getting Its First Cracker Barrel Location

Mark your calendar for February 5
Cracker Barrel in California
Photo: Cracker Barrel

For years, those on the West Coast could only listen to legends about Cracker Barrel—the roadside chain restaurant with fans so devoted some spend their entire lives visiting every location. But starting next year, curious Californians can finally see what the hype is all about.

According to Eater, the beloved chain restaurant, general store and tribute to all things Americana confirmed it would be opening its first California location early next year in Victorville. Expect the homey comforts of, well, every other Cracker Barrel in the country, right down to the patio rocking chairs and flag-themed merchandise.

Although Victorville might be more than an hour drive from Los Angeles (and that's not including traffic), it's not an authentic Cracker Barrel experience unless there's a road trip involved. It looks like Ray and Wilma Yoder have one more location now to check off their list.


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