Austin's Best New Breakfast Comes from a Food Truck

LeRoy and Lewis has 3 words for you: brisket cream cheese
Find Austin's Best New Breakfast at LeRoy and Lewis
Photo: Austin Food & Wine Alliance via Facebook

Barbecue bagel breakfast burger? Try saying that five times fast—then reward your efforts with pork breakfast sausage on an everything bagel at LeRoy and Lewis.

Pop under the yellow awning at the beloved dark-blue food truck, and you'll find a just-launched breakfast service, available Wednesday through Sunday starting at 7 a.m. The menu features sandwiches on bagels from Rosen's Bagel Co., and in addition to the tongue-twisting burger, you can opt for smoked egg salad or pit ham with Gruyère.

If you're more of a bagel-and-schmear fan, try one of the available spreads: plain, chopped brisket, smoked jalapeño or garlic herb, using herbs from now-open neighbor Cosmic Coffee.


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