The Most Beautiful Poke Bowls You've Ever Seen

Colorful arrays of fish and vegetables are sweeping the nation
Poke Bowls
Photo: @alison_spiegel via Instagram

Watch it. These bowls are so beautiful they might poke your eye out.

Colorful, vibrant and filled with your favorite rice, fish and vegetables, poke bowls have undeniably (and understandably) taken over Instagram. However, the dish isn’t particularly new. As Jack Liang, partner at The PokéSpot in NYC, tells InStyle, “Poke bowls started to emerge around the 1970s when Hawaiian fishermen would use the simple recipe to create hearty snacks.” What was once a quick lunch has exploded in popularity and led to restaurant openings all over the country, including The PokéSpot and Sweetfin Poké in Santa Monica, California. The beauty is in the customization: Diners can typically choose a base, proteins and among an endless array of toppings, from avocado to edamame.

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We scoured Instagram to find 11 of the most beautiful poke bowls for your viewing pleasure.


Hoke poké � See everything else from @gansmarket on snapchat! 'Onehungryjew' �

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Poké is like soooooooo trendy rn @facebook should make it so we can all poké each other and set up poké dates

A photo posted by Dining with Skyler (@nycdining) on





Welcome to my heaven. Exquisite bowls by @chikarashinyc. (Sandal cameo by @areisner.)

A photo posted by Alison Spiegel (@alison_spiegel) on



???? in bed type of Saturday

A photo posted by Jacqueline Karadjian (@all_thingsbeautiful_) on






So many poke places in LA and yet sweetfin remains as my favourite �

A photo posted by Amanda Gunawan (@amandagnwn) on



A very perfect poke spot. Love their special sauce @thepokespotny � #EATINGNYC

A photo posted by #EatingNYC: NYC Food & Travel (@eatingnyc) on


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