When Curry Met Patty

Wylie Dufresne has teamed up with Soho Tiffin Junction to make Indian-inspired burgers
Photo: Courtesy of SoHo Tiffin Junction
Curry Burgers
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New York, make way for the curry burger. Indian fast-casual-turned-sit-down restaurant Soho Tiffin Junction has teamed up with Wylie Dufresne to create four Indian-inspired burgers, which we can't wait to sink our teeth into.

Dufresne joined Soho Tiffin Junction as a culinary adviser a few months ago, and he's been developing new menu items, as well as the restaurant's new dinner service, ever since.

Today marks the debut of the curry burger. Flavors include chicken tikka masala, salmon Chettinad, paneer butter masala and the veggie burger with cheddar cheese.

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Other than the burgers, Dufresne has helped develop Indian chicken tenders and introduce three flavors of soft-serve kulfi–an Indian style of ice cream—in collaboration with Sam Mason of OddFellows Ice Cream Co.

This isn't the first Asian-inspired burger NYC has seen (ramen burger, anyone?), and it isn't the first time Indian flavors have melded with American food. Indeed, America is in the middle of a new wave of Indian food, where flavors and cooking styles meet halfway. And these burgers fit right in.

The Indian burgers and ice cream will be available at Soho Tiffin Junction starting today, so get over there before a ramen-burger-style line forms.

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