Brush It Off

The easy trick to removing corn silk that's almost too obvious
Easy Way To Remove Corn Hair
Photo: Michelle Sun/Tasting Table

Removing corn silk is one of those tasks that shouldn’t be as annoying as it is. But sure enough, every summer when corn season comes around, dealing with stringy, pesky silk can be a real nuisance. Instead of picking up individual strands, making more work for yourself than necessary, here’s a bright—and almost too obvious—idea:

Use a vegetable brush to remove corn silk.

It sounds obvious, because it is, but many people have never actually used their vegetable brushes for this purpose. You can even find one that’s geared toward removing silk.

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Once you’ve shucked the corn, brush the ear gently in one direction to whisk away the silk. As long as you’re careful not to puncture the kernels, you’ll be able to wipe everything away in just a couple strokes, instead of picking off individual strands. And less time prepping dinner means more time to enjoy a cold one on the deck.


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