You're Bacon My Heart

Nick Jonas's new music video practically begs for these 10 bacon recipes
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Bacon, Lettuce and Pear Sandwich

The latest Nick Jonas song, despite saying "bacon" six times in three minutes, is not actually about breakfast.

The youngest of the Jonas trifecta (not counting the Bonus Jonas—sorry, Frankie) tells Entertainment Weekly it's about that refreshing feeling when the post-breakup tears dry, and you realize everything's going to be fine. Better than fine even: more like on a living-your-best-life, turning-a-New Orleans-diner-into-a-pop-up-rave level. He's all about anything that's better than being with his ex-boo, which clearly involves eating breakfast at midnight. Which is where the bacon comes in.

Now put on your cooking playlist—ahem, just "Bacon" on repeat—while you try one of these 10 Jonas-approved recipes.

① Maple-Smoked Bacon
There's nothing more bacon-y than bacon itself. Follow this recipe to turn your oven into a smoker and your pork belly into a better version of everyone's favorite grocery store item.

② Bacon, Lettuce and Pear Sandwich
At one point, Jonas pops behind the diner counter, gives the short-order cook a nod and scoops up piles of bacon like it's his own kitchen. That sounds weird, and it is. This sandwich sounds weird, and it is . . . excellent.

③ The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich
We're well aware that we can't just throw around the word ultimate and not back it up. That's why both sides of this English muffin are slick with homemade Sriracha butter, adding subtle spice to every mouthful of bacon-fluffy-egg magic.

④ Bacon-Roasted Roots with Rosemary Honey
The fact that you roast cubes of slab bacon alongside roots like carrots and beets makes it clear that bacon truly is a vegetable.

⑤ Bacon-Wrapped Dates with Parmesan
It's hard to tell which is most alluring about these: the one-step method, their ideal one-bite size or the perfect flavor combo. You might fall hard enough in love with these snacks you'll feel inclined to take off your purity ring, too.

⑥ Bacon Marmalade
With ingredients ranging from maple syrup and molasses to whole-grain mustard and celery stalks, this jam can't decide whether it's sweet or savory. Call it an identity crisis, but all it really means is that this condiment is always relevant.

⑦ Stuffed Celery Sticks with Bacon and Scallion Cream Cheese
Vegetable cream cheese is so last year: This one has both bacon pieces and rendered fat whipped in. Think ants on a log but permissible in elementary schools and topped with smoky Espelette instead of boring raisins.

⑧ Bacon and Jalapeño Stuffing
Stuffing doesn't have to be for just Thanksgiving. Especially where Eli Kulp's version is concerned; it reads like a loaded baked potato and eats like a dream.

⑨ Breakfast Focaccia
Do as Jonas says—many times—and "throw some bacon on it." It being a fluffy flatbread that also has other breakfast staples like cheese, eggs and sausage.

⑩ Breakfast Pasta
Everyone's eating breakfast for dinner, so this pasta dish fits right in. Just make sure to keep an eye on it: This guy's apparently got a thing for sliding into the booth next to strangers and helping himself to their meals.


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