Monumental Study Proves Mediterranean Diet Is Life-Saving

A new study in the UK reveals that this diet is even better for you than we thought
Mediterranean Diet Could Save Thousands of Lives
Mediterranean Poached Almonds | Photo: Rachel Vanni/Tasting Table

The Mediterranean diet isn’t new, but recent research has revealed that it’s so much more than a passing trend. According to a study in the BMC Medicine journal, following this diet could save 19,000 lives a year in the UK alone.

The study surveyed 24,000 people for up to 17 years and concluded that eating foods recommended by the diet could reduce cardiovascular disease by 16 percent. That means stuff like fruits and vegetables, olive oil, nuts, legumes, less red meat and more fish.

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The UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is already a proponent of the diet for people with heart problems. But this new research extends to everyone—even those without cardiovascular risks.

Though the diet has been praised around the world, this is the first study that specifically focuses on the UK, and it could have major implications. Move over, meat pie. Sorry, Scotch egg. Branzino’s on board.

Try these Mediterranean-inspired recipes:
• Salt-Crusted Branzino with Agrumi Sauce
• Bulgur Wheat with Cherry Tomatoes, Yellow Squash and Summer Herbs
• Grilled Sardines on Brioche with Radishes
• Olive Oil-Poached Almonds


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