Sabrina Palmieri

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
ETER School Of Communication
Food, Wine, Travel
  • Sabrina has been writing about travel and food for a long time, with several articles about international cuisine published over the last two years.
  • Inspired by researching her personal genealogy and family tree, Sabrina linked old family recipes to ancient cooking techniques and decided to immerse herself in the historical relationship between different societies and their culinary traditions.
  • If you want to know where to eat the juiciest empanadas in Buenos Aires or which is the best food market in Madrid, she's definitely your girl.


Based in Buenos Aires, Sabrina has been writing about food and travel for several years, most recently as a writer and photographer for 196 flavors. A lover of food and cooking, she has learned what she knows from the perfect balance of professional advice and family tips to give her writing and recipes something unique. She has traveled and eaten in a large list of countries and loves going to the supermarket abroad.


Sabrina studied journalism at ETER School of Communication in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has participated in several local radio programs on gastronomy and trained specifically in gastronomic journalism. As a plus, she's also a photographer.
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