The Folded Tortilla TikTok Hack You've Been Missing Out On

If you're on the gastronomic side of TikTok, you may have come across the folded tortilla hack that has been making waves among users. The simple trick requires nothing but a tortilla, knife, pan or panini press, and any ingredients you feel like adding. While this method works great for breakfast sandwiches, it's also a quick way to put together a lunch on-the-go or even dessert.

But how did this trend start? Like all things on TikTok, it's kind of hard to know for sure. One of the first people to share the tip was user crystalscookingfun, who uploaded their clip on December 29, 2020, with the caption "work smarter not harder." The TikToker demonstrated the now popular method, partially cutting a tortilla and placing one sandwich ingredient in each of the quadrants, folding them one over the other to form a triangular "pocket." Finally, the user heated the wrap in a panini press and voila, it was ready to eat.

The hashtag #tortillatrend has now been shared over 4.8 billion times on the social media platform, with users posting recipes inspired by foods like tacos and cheeseburgers, chicken katsu, and dessert. Some even went as far as to stuff their tortillas with fast food, adding ingredients from Chick-fil-A and Burger King.

Tips for the folded tortilla hack

While it's good to know you can get as creative as you like, it's totally okay to also stick to the script with your sandwich ingredients. As simple as it may seem, Taste of Home says the TikTok hack is a real game changer to replace wraps and quesadillas, as the way it's folded prevents the ingredients from slipping out the sides.

As we said before, the ingredients are totally up to you; simply follow the steps shown in the many TikTok clips: slicing, stuffing, folding, and cooking. One important thing to note is that the ingredients should be placed separately, one in each imaginary "quadrant." Alpha Foodie recommends you "be strategic" with where each component is placed: if you're going to include fresh ingredients like lettuce or avocado, it is best to place them in the middle so that they don't receive that much heat. If you're including cheese in your wrap, place it close to the outside so it melts.

Once ready and closed, simply heat and you're ready to go. It will only take a few minutes for the cheese to be bubbling and the tortilla to achieve that perfect golden brown — that's how to know it is ready.