Nathaniel Lee

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San Diego, CA
University Of California San Diego
Mexican Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Mexican Cuisine
  • Nathaniel has been developing his own recipes and studying the science of food for over 10 years.
  • He started a food website 2 years ago to share his knowledge on cooking and has published over 170 articles since its creation.
  • Nathaniel is alway expanding his knowledge of tools and techniques in the kitchen by experimenting with tools such as smoke guns, sous vides, cast iron skillets, and modern molecular gastronomy.


Nathaniel Lee is focused on teaching home cooks that they don’t have to be gourmet chefs in order to cook delicious and complex-tasting dishes. From a young age, Nathaniel became interested in learning why certain ingredients and techniques worked well together to create amazing tasting food. He now shares his insights and favorite recipes on his website, Beginner Food.


Nathaniel's education in cognitive science gives him a unique background and perspective on creating and processes. Additionally, his deep understanding on human sense and perception allows him to develop multi-sensory experiences in the kitchen.
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