Marah Eakin

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Pasadena, CA
Ohio University
Food, Pop Culture, Parenting
  • Marah is an experienced writer and editor who's worked in digital media for over a decade.
  • Her family owned a restaurant for over 50 years, and her mom is a longtime restaurant critic and food reporter.
  • She has written for sites like Vulture, The Ringer, Uproxx, Input, Kindling, USA Today, Fodors, and Vinepair.


An accomplished writer and editor, Marah Eakin has worked in entertainment media for over 12 years. She spent over a decade on staff at The A.V. Club before branching out into the freelance world, writing for publications like Vulture, Input, Uproxx, Kindling, USA Today, Cleveland Scene, and Reviewed. Her beat is everything from Sundance to The Price Is Right. Marah holds a Bachelor's of Science in Magazine Journalism from Ohio University, as well as a Masters in Cultural Studies In Education, with a focus on children's media. Prior to her writing gigs, she worked as a publicist in the music business, meaning she'll always try her hardest to respond to any direct PR inquiry. She lives in Pasadena, California with her husband and rowdy twin toddlers.


Marah has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Ohio University, with a focus on magazine style feature reporting, and a Masters of Education with a focus on Cultural Studies.
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