Harmony Colangelo

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Los Angeles, CA
Craft Cocktails, Comfort Food, Midwestern Delicacies
  • Harmony Moon was voted "Best Bartender in Cleveland" by Cleveland Scene Magazine in 2020.
  • She was also voted "Best Trivia in Cleveland" by Cleveland Scene Magazine in 2020 for writing and hosting a weekly pop culture-themed trivia event at The Side Quest Bar.
  • She wrote and published the cocktail book "A Year of Queer Cocktails" with proceeds benefitting the staff of The Side Quest bar, which was forced to close during the 2020 quarantine lockdowns. The book is available through Lulu Press.


Harmony Moon is an award-winning bartender and trivia host, cocktail book author, and was featured in the James Beard Award-winning book, "Girly Drinks" by Mallory O'Meara. In addition to her work in the landscape of libations, Harmony is also a decorated pop culture writer, having been featured in Fangoria Magazine, The AV Club, and Certified Forgotten, and was featured in the Shudder docuseries "Queer for Fear." She also co-hosts the teen girl movie podcast "This Ends at Prom" with her wife.


Harmony received her high school diploma from a school in rural suburban Ohio before earning her higher education the old-fashioned way: hands-on experience.
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