Is It Possible Make Your Own Dried Green Onions (& Should You Bother)?

Green onions, also known as scallions, are an easy addition to an endless number of dishes. Even if a recipe does not specifically call for them, a pinch of them on top of the finished plate adds more aesthetic and bouquet in addition to a pop of flavor. Unfortunately, at times it seems you can't keep a bundle fresh long enough to use more than half the supply. 

Unless you grow your own, that means a trip back to the store for just one ingredient. What if you could dry your own green onions at home though? Is it easy and would it be less effort than making a trip to the market? 

While dried herbs lack the potency and brightness that their fresh counterparts provide, they are not without their own merit. Having dried ingredients in your pantry means that some flavors are never out of arm's reach and it really just comes down to the foresight of preparing them.

Dehydrating green onions

There are several techniques for making your own dried green onions. The first, fastest, and arguably best way is by using a food dehydrator. Drying out produce and other foods is quite literally what a dehydrator was built for after all. Using this kitchen tool accomplishes your goal within as little as 3 to 5 hours. If you don't have one, baking in the oven at the lowest temperature is also effective in the same amount of time.

As an obvious heads up, green onions are a bulbed plant similar to garlic or standard onions, so they will be especially fragrant as you cut and dry them. It might be wise to open a window before getting started.

After washing and drying, mince your green onions down to the white section at a consistent size so that they dry at an even rate. If you intend on regrowing your onions, be sure to stop several inches short of the root. If not, you can cut them as far down as you like. 

Using your preferred method of drying, check back on your onions after 3 hours. Ideally, they should crinkle when touched. If they are still malleable, then place them back into your dehydrator or oven and check on them periodically until they are the ideal texture.

Storing your dried green onions

Once your green onions cool completely, store them in an airtight, glass container with as little excess space as possible. The more air your green onions are stored with, the faster they will lose their freshness and go stale, which would be a real shame after all of your hard work. Like dried leafy herbs, if stored properly in a dry place, your green onions will technically be good forever, but you will notice reduced flavor, fragrance, and color after 3 months.

So is it worth it to dehydrate green onions yourself? That will depend on how often you use them. If you grow your own or manage to go through them quickly enough with each purchase from the store, then maybe not. If you go shopping infrequently but still like having them on hand, then absolutely. It's all about knowing your own cooking needs and what will work best you for.