Deborah Martin

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University Of London, University Of Cardiff
Food, Travel, Culture
  • Deborah has been writing for 15 years.
  • She has covered food, drink, and dining for outlets like 5pm, The Herald, and The List Eating & Drinking Guide.
  • Her passion for experiencing the cuisine and culture of other countries has taken her all over the world, including to Mexico, where she currently lives.


Deborah Martin has covered a variety of topics over the course of her writing career, such as travel, lifestyle, culture, folklore, and psychology, yet food has always been a core interest, including exploring the history of different cuisines. She loves traveling to new destinations and trying out the local flavors, from fine dining spots to off-the-beaten-track street food. She is also a previous Fish Short Memoir Prize finalist.


Deborah has a master's degree in Creative Writing, a PGCE teaching qualification, and a bachelor's in Media & Communications.
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